What is elloBEE?
elloBEE is a mobile platform that provides capability to actively connect and seek out talented individuals with the right skill sets. Anywhere, Anytime, On-the-Go. No Business Cards Required.

How is elloBEE different from other tools?
elloBEE provides active networking capability while eliminating the need for business cards. Unlike other tools, elloBEE is designed with Lean Thinking to eliminate inefficiencies and limitations of using Business Cards and focuses on providing value by saving you time to network with skilled individuals either professionally or personally on a Global level.

How do I exchange my elloCARD with someone?
1) On your profile page, press the QR Code button to bring up your unique QR code or press the QR Scan button to scan other person’s QR code. Either capture someone’s QR code or have them capture yours. The contact information will be added automatically.

How do I introduce myself or someone in my contacts to someone who does not have elloBEE app installed?
1) To send your contact information, simply enter the individual’s phone/email and press send from your profile page.
2) To send information of one of your contacts, simply select checkbox next to the name and click on the Handshake icon at top right and enter phone/email.

How do I introduce multiple contacts to each other?
1) To introduce more than 2 contacts to each other, simply select as many contacts as needed by clicking on check-boxes next to each name and click on the Handshake icon at top right.

How do I make one or more of my contacts private?
1) Under Direct Contacts, simply select the check-box next to contact(s) name and select Private Contact from the option menu. This will flag contact(s) as a Private Contact by showing a Blue crossed elloCARD next to their name. By making Contact(s) Private will make them invisible to other Direct Contacts in your network.

How do I Edit/Delete a Group after adding it?
1) Under Direct Contacts, select Manage Groups from the option menu then left-swipe on an existing Group name to Edit/Delete.

How do I ensure my profile is private in searches?
1) Simply disable the “Make Profile Public” option on your profile page to not have your profile show on Map View searches.

How do I identify which Contacts are Direct and Indirect?
1) On All Contacts page, contacts colored and underlined in Blue are Indirect contacts that are connected to one of your Direct contacts. Direct contacts are identified as not highlighted.
2) On Map View, Direct contacts will be identified by the elloBEE bee logo at top-left corner of the contact’s photo.

How do I contact someone directly from elloBEE App?
1) While viewing a Direct Contact’s elloCARD, simply click on the “grey” area where the contact information is listed and a pop-up will appear to either Call/Email/View Website.