Exchange Your Professional Information On-Demand.

elloBEE elevates how you connect with other professionals in real-time using business cards by providing an intermediary solution that lets you completely go paperless or capture and scan paper business cards. elloBEE is also a mobile networking platform for skilled professionals to collaborate, grow, and leverage each other’s skills and experiences on-demand and in real-time.

Simplicity & Elegance Makes an Impression

With a simple yet elegant profile, make a great first impression when meeting another professional and exchange your information with just one-click. elloBEE lets you exchange information regardless of whether the recipient has elloBEE or not. So you can be confident that a meaningful connection is always made.

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Build Trust with Buzz Feed & Manage Contacts

With Buzz Feed, you get a live feed of what your contacts are looking for, daily! Looking for a particular skill set or to leverage someone’s experience? Just Buzz away! With an electronic Rolodex, all the information is always up-to-date and reaching out is a breeze. Making referrals and introducing your contacts is as simple as clicking on multiple contacts and introducing them all at once!

Geo-Based Networking from Near-to-Far

The flexibility of finding a skilled professional anywhere, anytime on the globe is at your fingertips! Simply browse thru the Map View or List View or search professionals by skills, industry or occupation. Introductions are always just a one-click away.

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Do you elloBEE?

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Build Value-Add Relationships

Networking for the 21st Century

Keeping in touch with the people you meet everyday or using elloBEE to seek out other skilled professionals goes as far as your phone does. Never miss an opportunity to connect with someone on-the-spot or connect globally wherever you are to build valuable relationships.

Cloud Based. Hassle Free.

No Forgetting Business Cards

Carrying business cards regularly may be a hassle or a routine that may be easily forgotten. With elloBEE, you never have to worry about forgetting or writing down limited contact information on your phone with the people you meet. And making mutual introductions or referring is easy as few clicks.

Focus On What Matters

Busy Life Requires Effective Networking

With your busy life, it’s difficult to remember all of the important connections you make and to remember which connections may be of value based on the individual’s skills and experiences. elloBEE provides a single cloud platform for many of these tasks and much more, so you can focus on doing things that matter the most.

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  • The Map View enables you to connect with anyone anywhere on the elloBEE global platform.

    Search skilled professionals by Occupation, Industry or Skill sets. The Geo-based Map View auto-adjusts to where you are to provide results for skilled professionals closest to you.

  • The List View provides a comprehensive list of contacts from near-to-far.

    Contacts are easily view-able in a list format with geo-location based proximity search.

  • Scan and Save existing Paper Business Cards

    Scanning and saving paper business cards lets you connect without having to worry about the other person having the elloBEE app. Simply, take a picture and add them to contact’s list when you have the time. Follow up with an invite to make sure to connect on elloBEE.

  • Viewing a potential contact’s profile is a great way to learn about the individual’s skills.

    elloBEE makes it easy to view a potential contact’s profile with key contact information along with the unique skill sets of the individual so, you can effectively grow your network with just one-click.

  • Create a complete profile ready for making a great first impression.

    Create a complete profile with your skills so to make that great first impression when meeting a potential contact. Send your contact information, on-the fly, by scanning others’ QR code or by Email/SMS and connect with anyone regardless of whether they have elloBEE or not.

  • Managing, Sharing, and Growing your contacts has never been easier!

    With an electronic Rolodex, add contacts on the fly, manage, and view your direct as well as their contacts. Introduce and Refer as many contacts as needed with just a few taps.

  • With Buzz Feed, build stronger relationships by reaching out to contacts on their Buzz post.

    Buzz Posts are a great way to leverage the skills of your network. And with each Buzz lasting only 24hrs, you can be sure fresh new content is available everyday!

  • Send messages and engage with contacts.

    With built-in messaging capability, you never have to leave the app to send text messages to your contacts to keep in touch, privately.

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About Us

Founded in September of 2014, at elloBEE we believe building trusted relationships start with mutual skilled based introductions. As paper business cards are convenient to hand out, they can be difficult to manage, carry around, and most importantly only provide one-way networking. elloBEE elevates paper business cards by making it simple and seamless to exchange important information electronically or capturing and scanning other paper business cards while providing capability to leverage and grow your professional network globally.

In a fast-paced mobile enabled world, efficiency and effectiveness is critical to build and grow professional network quickly in staying competitive. elloBEE facilitates on-demand networking without the hassle of managing your professional network manually.


  • Paper is so 20th century, and when you consider the fact that you don’t do anything else on paper these days, using paper business cards seems especially silly. Get your network in order – and never lose a contact again – with elloBEE."
  • elloBEE is my favorite app!! Being a Real Estate professional in one of the fastest growing cities and in shadow of New York City, networking is the key to successful business and career. Love the fact that I can easily store and access my network, but the best part is I'm not carrying my business cards or collecting from others, this is huge! Saving money and trees...
    Ritika PatelReal Estate Investor